Traducteur assermenté à Tournai

Transtaling, your translation service in Tournai, serving all of Wallonia

Transtaling, your translation service in Tournai, serving all of Wallonia, for all your translations from Dutch and English into French, whether they be general, specialised or sworn.

Transtaling guarantees you work that is of high-quality, professional and precise. Translation of legal and business documents requires an in-depth knowledge of law combined with a perfect command of the languages concerned.
In addition, it presupposes that the legal terminology used in the original document corresponds with that in the other language. That is what Transtaling offers you and is, therefore, in a position to assist you in the translation of all your legal documents.

As your translator with more than 15 years of experience in English and Dutch, we can guarantee you professional and optimal translations of all your English and Dutch documents into French in terms of quality. We are also able to translate your French documents into both English and Dutch.

It goes without saying that we shall do everything within our power to meet your demands. In addition, we only accept deadlines that we know we can meet.

The sworn translator is a recognised specialist, whose work adds real official value to the resulting document. As a sworn translator, he must respect a certain formalism so that the translated document corresponds legally to the document of the original language. Transtaling, sworn translator in English and Dutch, is able to take care of all your translations:

If you wish to learn more about the translation services offered by your Tournai-based translator, please do not hesitate to contact Transtaling. We shall be happy to offer you a free estimate for all your translation work!